Your High Heels Shoes

Make a wish with Giordano Torresi's customizable high heel shoes

Are customizable High Heels shoes your dream? Today that dream has just become a reality! You can become your own shoe designer and create your very own dream high heels.

Stiletto heels are the very essence of femininity. A real must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

The elegant front that leaves the ankle exposed and flatters the leg has always made this model of women’s shoe one of the most loved and desired. This is why decollete shoes with high heels, and often very high, have become a real style icon over the years.

Wearing high heels, every woman knows, makes her feel extremely feminine and seductive.

What woman doesn’t have a pair of heels? And what woman has never dreamed of varying the design, material or colour of her stilettos?

If someone were to tell you that, today, at last you can have customisable shoes by creating for yourself the high heels that you’ve always wanted, would you believe it?

The stilettos of your dreams exist today, because you can indeed design them yourself. And they are Giordano Torresi “made to order” Italian women’s shoes.

Become your own shoe designer and create your High Heels shoes

Giordano Torresi, non-designer and “shoe architect”, concedes to the creativity of every woman his 20-year+ expertise in the design and production of top-of-the-range stiletto shoes.

Using our exclusive dedicated design program, now you can become a designer and create the high heels you’ve always dreamed of! Choose the basic style and enjoy choosing every detail, to create customised shoes that are as unique as you are.

Giordano Torresi will then make them exclusively for you. With every care and attention to detail that will make these Italian women’s shoes unique and inimitable. Just like you, in fact.

Personalised High Heels: make your wish come true!

Using our 3D shoe design program you can design the high heels shoes you’ve always wanted selecting every last detail. You can choose between various styles, heel height, and material – ranging from Nappa Leather to Python and to Lizard – and let your creativity flow!

And that’s not all.

You can choose to have your initials applied on the sole with a refined gold finishing.

What better way to render your personalised Italian stilettos really unique?

Giordano Torresi High Heels

Torresi shoes are not only your dream come true, but are also a genuine innovation, strictly Made in Italy: every comfortable high heels shoe is designed and made using state-of-the-art engineering and production techniques. They are the result of a revolutionary development in the world of footwear, all so that you can make YOUR desires a reality.

This is why Giordano Torresi likes to say that his women’s shoes are made by head, hand and robot: in every pair of Torresi stilettos there is a cross-fertilisation of craftsmanship heritage, digital creative vision and the innovative know-how of modern footwear engineering.

Your personalised Heels will be Made to Order, your special request; they will be the only pair like it in the world and truly worthy of carrying the Made in Italy label.

This is why you need to wait all of 4 weeks to receive your customised footwear. A thing of beauty, we know, needs time and dedication … And Giordano Torresi promises full concentration on making YOUR dream courts.

Patent leather high heel shoes Giordano Torresi

Women’s High Heels shoes with the “Anatomically Enhanced Shoe” patent

Every pair of Giordano Torresi pumps heels is made according to our special patent (*), the result of lengthy anatomical research. The double sole, with patented manufacturing technique, guarantees a fit and comfort level that has never been achieved before, especially for very high heels.

It is thanks to this special patent that Giordano Torresi high heels shoes can be easily worn, in total comfort, for over 8 hours.

(*) Registered industrial patent no. 102016000046564

Giordano Torresi 3D Shoe Design Program

Our exclusive 3D design program for Giordano Torresi shoes is at your disposal. Express yourself and start creating your shoe, YOUR High Heels.

The program will guide you and in just a few clicks your 3D dream shoes will magically appear on the screen. Designing your own high heels shoes has never been so easy or such fun!

Giordano Torresi knows that every woman is special, a partnership of femininity and creativity that makes her unique. For this reason we have made the program available to you so that you can have your very own special shoes, just for YOU.