Giordano Torresi - The Non-Fashion Designer

Giordano Torresi – Designer and Architect of women’s high heels shoes

Giordano Torresi

The Non-Fashion Designer

Giordano Torresi is a Non-Fashion Designer. Designer and Architect, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and over a decade of experience, he designs and makes customised high heel shoes offering a level of comfort that has never been achieved before.

Giordano Torresi is not a Fashion Designer, but rather a Footwear Architect.
The name Giordano Torresi is synonymous with “shoe architecture”. Thanks to in-depth research carried out during over 20 years in production of high-end women’s shoes – strictly Made in Italy – Torresi consistently manages to condense highly original and creative ideas into his designs.

Having always worked alongside top designers from leading luxury brands, Giordano Torresi brings all his experience to bear in a selection of womens’ heels that is unique of its kind: designed using the most innovative techniques in footwear development and thanks to extensive engineering research he has managed to create decollete shoes that are more comfortable than any shoe of their type has been before.

Why choose Giordano Torresi shoes

Giordano Torresi

Giordano Torresi does not simply follow fashion but is continually inspired by women’s needs, while appreciating their desire for femininity.
The innovative architectural structure of the shoe conceived by Giordano Torresi lends honour to the female foot.

A Giordano Torresi pump heel shoe is far more than a luxury Made in Italy shoe: it encapsulates all the craftsmanship, heritage, creative vision and innovative know-how of modern footwear engineering.

This is how Giordano Torresi’s women’s heels are born: robust and high quality, they are a timeless accessory.
These are luxury shoes for women that care more about substance than just looks, so they are not only aesthetically unimpeachable but function well as a result of rigorous and careful research.

But that’s not all.

Giordano Torresi always likes to harness digital technology to further his work. And it’s thanks to such technology that Giordano Torresi women’s shoes today can be personalised down to the smallest detail to create a unique product reflecting the needs of the individual woman.

Because every woman is special, a partnership between femininity and creativity that makes her unique. Just like the Giordano Torresi shoe that we’ll make for her.

With the 3D Design Program for customizable high heel shoes, Torresi aims to provide the best customised shoes service possible.

Exclusive patent

"Anatomically Enhanced Shoe"

All Torresi shoes are produced under the exclusive “Anatomically Enhanced Shoe” patent, fruit of in-depth research into the female foot.
The special way they are made makes them very comfortable to wear even for long periods. This applies regardless of heel height, even very high heels.

What woman doesn’t dream of shoes with high heels that fit well and are comfortable even after many hours? Now that dream has become a reality.

Giordano Torresi manufactures comfortable heels shoes for women utilising the most advanced technologies


Giordano Torresi

Progetto Giordano Torresi is in pole position as regards footwear in Italy, a true centre of Research and Development wholly dedicated to the world of women’s shoes. This is the context in which Torresi shoes are conceived and born as examples of genuine innovation.

Engineering, robotics and virtual reality, combined with ongoing research into leather and innovative materials, are essential ingredients in Progetto Giordano Torresi that puts itself at the disposal of the footwear sector and finds its natural home with the top luxury brands.

With Progetto Giordano Torresi, the new frontiers of “Made to Order” and “Made to Measure” are no longer impossible goals, but exclusive services ready to respond to the ever-more sophisticated needs of the female customer.