The 3D Shoe Design Program is online at last! Choose the high heels style you prefer and personalise it with your choice of heel, material, colour. Add an emblem carrying your initials for a customised shoe just for YOU.

Is it really true?
From today there’s at last a Shoe Design Program online that enables you to create the women’s high heels of your dreams.

Close to the heart of Giordano Torresi, who both came up with the original idea and has been personally responsible for its development, the 3D Design Program especially for pumps heels is indeed a world first.
Born of his passion for the latest digital technology and of his decade of experience in footwear manufacture for top fashion labels, the 3D Design Program is a simple and intuitive digital tool for any woman looking not just for luxury shoes she can personalise, but for high heels that are both a good fit and comfortable.

Indeed, every Giordano Torresi women’s shoe is produced under the exclusive “Anatomically Enhanced Shoe” patented design that makes high heels both a good fit and comfortable, even when worn for over8 hours.


Why a 3D Shoe Design Program?

"If only these stilettos were in another colour... If only the heels on these shoes weren’t so high…!"

What woman has never stopped to imagine different colour options, materials, or heel height for a pair of high heel shoes?
This was the stimulus for the birth of Giordano Torresi’s 3D Shoe Design Program: giving a voice to female desires, even the most original and unusual. It puts a tool at women’s disposal that allows them to create shoes with heels that are super-comfortable and a good fit, even those with very high heels.
So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Get designing your own High Heels just the way you want them! The result will be a customised shoe that will not disappoint!


Personalised High Heels

The Giordano Torresi Shoe Design Program dedicated to stilettos allows any model to be personalised by choosing from between many different options regarding:

  • Heel height, ranging from the most discreet heel of 75 mm to the highest at 110 mm
  • Material, choose between Nappa, Suede, Patent leather and other precious hides and skins
  • Colour,choose between the many options – from the most classic to the most whimsical

But there’s more!

You can also opt to have your initials applied in gold lettering under the sole to make your customised shoe truly YOURS.

There are so many fun combinations possible: all so different and all really stunning, just like all the women who love wearing shoes with high heels.
Every Torresi shoe is “Made to Order”, or rather at the direct request of the purchaser, with all the particular options pre-selected during the design phase. This is why we set a production time of 4 weeks. As with every self-respecting luxury shoe, Giordano Torresi’s stiletto women’s shoes are entirely Italian made.


Are you dreaming of a high heel shoe that is comfortable? Now that dream has come true

But the advantages of creating personalised shoes using the dedicated 3D Shoe Design Program don’t end here.

No, because all the stiletto footwear available from Giordano Torresi’s Online Store has another great feature in common: individually designed and created by Giordano Torresi, all shoes are made according to the special and exclusive Patented Design (*) that makes for a specially-constructed sole (double innersole).

The result?

Shoes with a heel that are a good fit and comfortable, even when worn for more than 8 hours at a stretch! And this even goes for really high heels.
So, our Design Program for luxury Shoes means that not only can they be personalised, but that they are also super-comfortable. What more could any woman ask for?


(*) Registered Patent no. 102016000046564 “Anatomically Enhanced Shoe”