From 17 June 10 Corso Como Milan is hosting the Giordano Torresi Digital Wall. Carla Sozzani's prestigious boutique is endorsing Torresi's customized High Heels shoes project.

The famous Concept Store of the fashion capital at 10 Corso Como Milano, from June the 17th, will host Giordano Torresi’s Digital Wall that allows customers to design and buy the heel shoes of their dreams. Being unveiled on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, it is more than simply just an appearance, but rather a collaboration stemming from high innovative impact and technological content conceived to offer Concept Store visitors an all-round buying experience, from an all-channel perspective.

The store at Corso Como 10 will indeed be hosting the Digital Wall with its integrated 3D Shoe Design Program for clients who can use it to completely personalise any – bar one - of the Giordano Torresi womens high heels on show and then see a hologram of them projected on the Wall.


10 Corso Como Milan

The Concept Store at 10 Corso Como Milan opened in 1990, the brainchild of Carla Sozzani. She wanted to create a virtual story board, a completely new way of bringing culture and commerce together, always with an eye to the avant-garde and to the most exciting developments in the retail sector. Corso Como 10 today is a multi-functional, philosophical space bringing together a unique and exclusive mix of Art, Music, Design, Cuisine and Culture.

There is a Gallery and a Bookshop in the store but the beating heart of 10 Corso Como is the Boutique. This is the location of the Giordano Torresi Digital Wall that sparked Carla Sozzani’s interest for its revolutionary approach to the world of high-end women’s footwear.


Giordano Torresi customised shoe with high heels

So, within the Concept store customers will find a Digital Wall wholly dedicated to Giordano Torresi high heels shoes. Both selection and purchase will effectively now become a multi-channel experience: there will be many styles of heeled shoes actually available in the store, so first, once the customer has made their choice they can then try the shoes on.

The special feature of Giordano Torresi women’s courts, moreover, is their exclusive ‘Anatomically Enhanced Shoe’ patented design that makes this shoe with high heels not only a good fit but also comfortable, even when worn for over 8 hours.

Clearly, all the styles of women’s shoes can be bought directly in the store, but the real plus is that once customers have chosen and tried on the pumps heels they like, they can place them on the Digital Table and begin to personalise them themselves, thanks to the integrated 3D Design Program that is easy and intuitive to use.

Having selected all details of the shoe (not only heel height and type, material and colour, but also the client’s initials can be applied on the sole), the customer can then see THEIR shoe in the form of a hologram projected onto the Digital Wall, a completely accurate image of what the final customised shoe will look like.


Making and delivery of personalised high heels bought at 10 Corso Como

Orders for personalised shoes will be sent in real time directly to the manufacturing company that will make the shoe during the next 4 weeks. The customer can then collect their customised heel shoes from the boutique at 10 Corso Como or can choose to have them delivered to their own home, of course very carefully packed prior to despatch.

The boutique at 10 Corso Como will obviously have the exclusive on several high quality leathers and other materials as well as colours that will only be available through this Milan store.